July 22nd every year is a day set aside by the World Federation of Neurology as the ‘World Brain Day’. The federation seeks to close the information gap and increase awareness of impairments to Brain Health. The theme of the World Brain Day this year was “Brain Health and Disability: Leave No One Behind”. The Brain Research Africa Initiative (BRAIN), since 2019, has extended the celebration of World BrainDay to a whole week dubbed “Brain Week in Cameroon & Africa”. The Brain Week in Cameroon &Africa 2023 celebrations lasted from 29th October to 5th November and included the BRAIN TRUST Tournament. The Tournament began on 30th October 2023 with teams contesting both in person and online. Twenty-four (24) medical schools across the continent participated in the tournament with fifteen (15) different countries represented including South Africa, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo and Chad. The UGMS, the only participating school from Ghana, was represented by Alexander Nyamekye (CO2026), Edward Boamah Boateng (CO 2026) and Valerie Diana Payne (CO 2025). The team contested fiercely and earned a spot in the final contest held on the 1st of November, 2023. The UGMS tied with ISSS Université des Montagnes (Cameroon) in the final round. There was no tie breaker and both teams were awarded first place. The University of Ghana Medical School is privileged to have been invited to the second edition of The BRAIN TRUST Tournament and hope to participate in the third edition and bring the win home once again. Students interested in taking part should be on the lookout for more details. This win just goes to show that our lecturers are right, UGMS is a premier medical school! Integri Procedamus!

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