On December 9th, 2023, something special happened in Mamprobi. It was like the
whole community came together for a day of health, learning, and togetherness. The
day kicked oL at 8 in the morning and went on until 2 in the afternoon. People were
excited, and you could feel the buzz in the air.
Around 25 medical folks were there, ready to help out. Plus, over 150 people showed
up—way more than we expected! They were keen to learn and be part of something
The day was packed with talks and discussions led by experts from Mamprobi Hospital.
They covered important topics like sexual health and taking care of kids. It was eyeopening stuL, especially for parents wanting to do the best for their little ones.
One cool thing was that a student from the University of Ghana spoke in our local
language. It made everyone feel included, no matter where they came from.
The highlight was the general health check-up. Everyone got a chance to see how they
were doing and get any necessary meds. It felt empowering—like taking control of our
own health.
Having important folks like the Member of Parliament and the Queen mother there
made it feel even more special. It showed they care about us and our well-being.
Looking back, it was an incredible day. It went beyond what we hoped for. It wasn’t just
about health—it was about community coming together for a brighter future. And as the
day ended, we felt hopeful, knowing it was just the start of something great.

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