Hot. Why is it so hot?
That was the main question running through my mind as the hodgepodge of mainstream and
GEMP medical and dental students assigned to Surgical Floor 2 toured the floor under the
guidance of the nurse-in-charge. It didn’t help that I could barely hear a thing she was saying.
It’d been a struggle finding the place after our introductory lecture at the Clinical lecture theatre
and considering the number of fellow lost souls I met on the way, it was a bit surprising that I
ended up at the back of the pack. Looking back, I now realise that they were mostly people who
had been assigned to other floors. The changes
Fortunately, the tour,if I can even call it that, was over almost as soon as it started.We basically
just looked around the male and female wards which were at opposite ends of the floor and I kid
you not,the only thing I heard the whole time was that their positions had been switched as
compared to the other floors.
My relief after the tour ended was cut short by even more confusion. The consultants assigned
to my group all seemed to be unavailable, leaving us wandering around the floor aimlessly. It
was pretty chaotic considering our number(Which as all the professors keep reminding us, is
much larger than it was in their day) and it seemed we were getting on the nerves of the nurses
and patients’ relatives around. To be fair though, it could have been the heat that was irritating
them so much; it was definitely irritating me. My scrub-wearing colleagues seemed to be faring a
bit better than those of us wearing official attire because they didn’t subscribe to the added
burden of labcoats.
Scrubs-1, Official attire-0
After a wait that seemed to drag, but was barely 30 minutes, one of our consultants, Dr
Nkansah,was finally free enough to meet us at the Clinical lecture theatre. We headed there and
had a short session on history taking after which she divided us into groups of five to go back to
the wards and practice.
I had no difficulty getting to Surgical 2 this time(High five to me). My group members and I
struggled to decide on which patient to talk to,then we struggled to decide who’d take the lead.
In spite of all that struggling, our first history taking was a success in my opinion.
The day was supposed to end with another lecture but it was postponed to the following
morning and boy was I glad we weren’t closing at 5pm as planned. If I had known what that
postponement would cause the following morning, I probably wouldn’t have been so happy but
that’s a story for another day.
All in all, my first day on the wards was pretty relaxed even though there was a bit of confusion.
It is my fervent hope that the rest of the year continues in that fashion….Just the relaxed part

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