What better way to begin the year than to clean around our environs and start anew?! Combining a wholesome, fun-filled clean-up activity with some general workout exercises gave us the UGMSA clean-up and Aerobics event on the 20th of January, 2024 to kickstart medical school this year.

As early as 6:30am, students from various academic years gathered at the basketball court behind R block. The eager participants were well-equipped with gloves, trash bags, and a shared commitment to contribute to the cleanliness of the surroundings.

The UGMSA had strategically chosen various locations on the Korle-Bu campus, segregating the students into groups to tidy up Blocks B, D, and R, as well as the Basic Sciences building and the Administration block. The participants tirelessly engaged in the clean-up, collecting litter, desilting gutters, and ultimately restoring the beauty of the campus.

Following that success of a clean-up, the aerobics segment of the event was underway. Gathering back at the court, the participants enthusiastically engaged in the lively aerobics session led by experienced fitness instructors. Knowledge of the importance of physical fitness only served to stoke the ardour of the students even more.

After that intense workout, the event was crowned with a Kenkey party. Delicious balls of Kenkey were enjoyed along with shitᴐ and pepper; both sauces commonly eaten with the staple. Of course, the Kenkey party was not without accompaniments such as fried fish and sardines, which further enhance the culinary experience.

This event stands as a testament to the dedication of medical students to holistic well-being, community engagement, and environmental responsibility. By seamlessly weaving together a campus clean-up, aerobics, and a Kenkey party, the UGMSA was able to promote the values of cleanliness, fitness, and most of all, togetherness within the medical community of the University of Ghana.


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