Calling all WOCOM attendees! Remember the epic Game Night throwdown we had on
Saturday, November 25th? If you were there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If
you missed it, well, buckle up because you’re in for a dose of FOMO (fear of missing out)!
The night kicked off at 6:30 pm sharp, and the energy was electric! Over 40 amazing
WOCOM ladies showed up, and let me tell you, the room was buzzing with excitement. We
even had some special guests – a fantastic group of MSA boys who brought their A-game
(and their competitive spirit!).
Fast forward to game time, and it was pandemonium in the best way possible. Monopoly
deals were being struck, Scrabble champions emerged from the shadows, and Jenga towers
teetered precariously close to collapse (sometimes with hilarious consequences). But the fun
didn’t stop there! We channeled our inner superstars with a show-stopping karaoke session,
belted out hilarious charades that had everyone in stitches, and even busted a move or two in
epic dance battles.
And let’s not forget the food! Throughout the night, there was a constant flow of delicious
nibbles, with a mix of sweet and savory treats to keep our energy levels soaring. Some of the
ladies brought their signature dishes to share, and there were plenty of snacks available for
purchase too. It was a full-on feast for both the body and the soul!
By the end of the night, our voices were hoarse from laughter, our bellies were full, and our
competitive spirits were thoroughly sated (or bruised, depending on who you ask about that
final round of Uno). But most importantly, we had created a night filled with unforgettable
memories and strengthened the amazing bond that the WOCOM sisterhood is all about.
So, a huge thank you to everyone who came out and made WOCOM Game Night such a
resounding success! And to those who missed it, don’t worry – we can’t wait to unleash
another epic event soon. Stay tuned, ladies, because the WOCOM fun is just getting started!

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