‎                    CHALE WOTE!

The Chale Wote festival, better known as Chale Wote, is a street art festival. It was first held in 2011 and has since been an avenue for both local and international artists to share ideas and display their work. This year, Chale Wote was a week long event, but up until 2016, it lasted only a day or two.

The main event is on the High street in Jamestown and people flock in their large numbers to admire murals, artistic performances, body art, fashion parades and other creative displays.

Other places like the Museum of Science and Technology and Nukube Foundation have also been involved recently in displaying incredible art.

Take a look at this picture diary for a sneak peek of the fun, energy and art of Chale Wote.








Chale Wote 2020, be good to us!

Written by: Joan Asante (Class of 2023)