A world full of empowered women, isn’t one where men are marginalized. It’s a world where everybody thrives! – Purnima Mane (President and CEO of Pathfinder International)


Everyone has a part to play- all the time, everywhere. Collective action and shared responsibility for driving a gender-balanced world is key. In view of this, the theme for the 2019 International Women’s Day (8th March) is #BalanceForBetter, which highlights the need for greater gender balance in the workplace, for opportunities and in the field of science, to mention a few.


As a contribution to the international campaign, the Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health Including HIV/AIDS (SCORA)-UG, has chosen a couple of exceptional women in diverse specialties within medicine and health to be honored in the days leading up to IWD on the 8th of March.

Watch out for the daily interviews and updates, as we countdown towards the International Women’s Day 2019!