“Histology is like learning to play the piano; it takes practice…and a little bit of imagination!”

Talk of Histology in the University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry and one name certainly comes to mind, Dr. (Mrs.) Esther Edna Ayorkor Dennis. Through the quote above, she describes how easy Histology can be, and hence her avid interest in it.

She holds a BSc General in Zoology, Food and Nutrition with honours in Zoology. She also has an MSc in Zoology and a PhD in Anatomy, specifically Histology in the area of electron microscopy, all from the University of Ghana. Her PhD afforded her the opportunity to do some work at the Tulane University, New Orleans, USA. Not only has she excelled in academia, but she also has accolades in netball as well. Her effective leadership skills made her a valuable member of the Deans Guest House Management and also as the acting head of the Department of Anatomy.

“I have been sustained over the years by my teachers who have been there for me, and by the joy it brings me to pass on knowledge to the next generation. My advice to young women in the medical sciences is to remain focused and plan their lives properly.” She cited the example of her decision to take a backseat from work life for 20 years to raise a family with her husband. “When I was ready to get back to my professional life, my husband, mother, mother-in-law among other family members and close friends were supportive and willing to help manage the home while I was away. It is important to have a support system because it makes things easier. Things will become tough especially when deciding the best time to start a family while managing a career but include God in all things and do not give up!” 71 year old Dr. Dennis advises.

Wow! What a super woman!




By Ametume &Asare-Amoah (Class of 2021)

Photocredits : Royal Images