It’s Day 3 already! And we’re still bringing interesting interviews with celebrated Female Medics in UGSMD. Read on to know more about our personality for today: Dr Afua Abrahams 🙂

Dr. Afua Abrahams is currently the Head of the Pathology department. She has her MBChB from the University of Ghana, is a Fellow of the West African College of Physicians and the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons. She also has a certificate in Health Administration and Management from GIMPA.

She joined the department right after housejob and was the only female resident at the time. Her motivation for choosing this specialty was interest in the causes and mechanisms of disease. She also credited her inspiration to a beautiful Nigerian female pathologist who examined her during her final MB3 exam. She mentioned the fact that there has been no real discrimination towards her as a female in the department. However, one of the challenges was from patients who constantly referred to her as “Sister” but would call her male colleagues “Doctor”.

Her belief that she has a God-given purpose keeps her going and motivated to keep teaching pathology to young medical students. Amongst her proudest achievements is the fact that as a teacher she is able to help others gain knowledge to achieve their dreams and also inspiring  young female doctors to specialize in pathology.

Among the many obstacles to being a female doctor, she cites the fact that generally boys are given more opportunities for education than girls and so fewer girls have the chance to get to the top. The fact that most females also take time out to have babies may have an impact on or slow down career progression. Her strategy for achieving work-life balance is good time management and prioritization.

Her advice to all the young ladies out there is this, “Life is about your relationship with God and others. Your relationship with God helps you realize your purpose and your relationship with others pushes you to give off your best at all times. Be careful who you marry because marriage can make you or break you. And finally, I’ll end with my secondary school motto which has been like a compass for me….

“Live pure, Speak true, Right wrong, Follow the King!”

We admire Dr Abrahams’ patience, intelligence and how she ‘sells’ pathology to us.



Omaima & Gerald (Class of 2021)

Photocredits: Amewu Photography