There is the notion that it is difficult to be a doctor and be engaged in other non-clinical roles, especially if you’re a woman. Well, it’s time to draw inspiration from the words of one female doctor who has overcome all barriers, and succeeded in balancing her tasks as a rheumatologist and the head of an NGO (The Rheumalogy Initiative); Dr Dzifa Dey.

“My public health journey began in medical school when my team and I won a grant to educate school children on HIV/AIDS. Sometimes we tend to think that medicine is only about curing patients, or what we do on the field, but the public health perspective is equally important. Of course, we have to do whatever we can to make patient care a bit better.

Expanding our horizon beyond the medical field is essential. I always say that if I had to go back to medical school, I’d study slightly less and use my spare time to network and meet people from other specialties. I have contacts now that help me in various aspects of my life, from organizing events to fund raising for activities in my NGO.

I should point out that it could be challenging, especially for women. There’s never enough time. Early on in your career, I think you should seize the opportunities that come your way, before other family responsibilities and challenges come. And give it your best!!”



Interview By: Rose Adjei-Bempah (Class of 2021)

Photocredit: Royal Images