So on Friday, there is a trip to Volta, then Saturday we return from the trip. The next Monday, we have time with the Dean, then Tuesday is the UGMSA joint prayers. Wednesday we have a movie night, skip Thursday, to Friday where we hold Carnival Montatura 2. On Saturday again, we have a clean up and finally Sunday the Tokrom tournament. The end. 🙂






But wait, why all the rush? Why the hurry to cram so many activities in such a hasty paragraph, when I could just relax, sip some tea, and slow down to make this write up much more exciting?

So moving forward, this is my note to self: Slow Down!

To the long overdue introduction of this write-up, here goes:

Ralentissez is the 2019 edition of the  UGMSA week Celebrations, and this week is brimming with exciting activities. This year, we are creating awareness on Hypertension-the silent killer. The catch phrase that comes along with this is ‘Know your numbers, Control your pressure’, asking everyone to check their blood pressure and be duly informed about their hypertensive status as medical students and even the general public.

Taking this slow, Ralentissez begins on Friday 22nd March, with the UGMSA taking a trip to Volta Region, to experience the magnificence of the Wli water falls and the arduous climb of the Mount Afadjato. Never travelled? Or never travelled to the beautiful Volta Region? Then grab this opportunity to experience the famous ‘Number 9’ land and who knows, there might even be enough time for you to bring back with you the culinary skills of making some Akple and Fetri detsi!

Upon our  arrival on Saturday 23rd March after such an eventful trip, we take a much needed long rest and re-zoom into activities on Monday 1st April, 2019.  This is a time with the Dean of the UGSMD, Prof Margaret Lartey and we know it will be a time well spent with our dear mother even as students are given the opportunity to raise their personal or group concerns.

Korle bu, or ‘The Land’, loves to pray, don’t we? So can we really slow down when it comes to the UGMSA Joint Prayers? Of course not! Calling on everyone, the ‘Presi’s’ and the members, the Mamas and the Papas, even the baby ‘prayors’, kindly girdle up, because on Tuesday, the heavens will open and receive our heartfelt, goodwill prayers for the continuous improvement of the UGMSA.

Wednesday’s activity has been a favourite over the years- Movie Night! It’s that time of the year when you buy a ticket at an unbelievably cool price, and get treated by the UGMSA at the cinema- whether single or taking advantage of this as your date night, we got you!

Skipping Thursday to land on Friday, the second edition of Carnival Montatura comes on. The first one was big, and this one promises to be better. This edition also features a thrilling game night and an amazing moonlight karaoke. Vendors, buyers, gamers and American idols, are you ready?

Simultaneously, the pace-setter Model UN conference, dubbed Accra WHO, the first of its kind  in Ghana comes off live in Korle-bu!  You cannot afford to miss this!

Saturday begins with a clean up, to rid areas in Korle-bu of filth. There will also be Decathlon keep-fit in the morning.  You remember all those 2019 athletic body goals written in your diary? It really has been impossible for you to even do ten sit-ups, and I know, so why don’t you join UGMSA to shape up?

Luna Rosa! Literally ‘Red/Blood Moon’, this apt name for a dinner crowning a week of awareness on hypertension promises to be a lit night of glitz, glamour and fun. It’s also happening on Saturday.

Finally, the UGMSA Week ends with the much anticipated Tokrom Inter-Class football competition. Who earns the bragging rights? Well, may the best team win.

Ralentissez promises to be simply on point. Hopefully, this write-up whips up your interest in the upcoming week, and if your interest is already dead, may it rekindle your dying embers, for this week will be fire.


PS: It was probably worth it to slow down and give the best for the write-up, instead of the rush in the beginning paragraph. After all, didn’t the essay turn out better?  Isn’t this UGMSA week dedicated to creating awareness on hypertension, and after all wouldn’t hypertension lose its power if blood pressures slowed down?

After all, doesn’t the French word ‘Ralentissez’, the theme for the week, mean ‘Slow Down’?


Written by: Afia Kwabiaa Baah

UGSMD C.O 2022