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The first semester, as well as the year 2018, has drawn to a close (at long last!) and the UGMSA Editorial Board has published a number of interesting pieces ranging from interviews to enlightening videos. If you missed any of them, no need to worry. It’s been quite a busy semester. Just read this general overview of all of our work this semester.


There were two UGMSA Games publications on ugmsa.org, one in anticipation of the upcoming events, including tidbits about the coaches, goalies, and team members, and another on the outcomes of the games. The events are discussed in another article. Let’s just say some bets were hard on some people and we can’t wait for next year.


Much to the delight of the students, especially the Basic Sciences students, the EB interviewed Dr John Ahenkorah and published the interview on our website. We cleared the confusion about whether he was a medical doctor or not (He isn’t). We also found out, much to our disappointment, that Dr Ahenkorah doesn’t own a football club. He does, however, support Chelsea. A good choice? Well, that’s a topic for another day. He has a special interest in childhood cancers because of an experience right in his own family and he’s passionate about it. He’s also a drummer and goes for morning jogs. What an all-round gentleman! Dr Ahenkorah also left us with some advice, to choose our friends wisely and remain focused on our studies. Students have been heard echoing his words: “Study, study, study.” It was definitely an eye-opening interview.


Another project undertaken by the EB was producing an informative video on mental health for medical students. There was also a post on our website which told the touching story of a medical student trying to find their way through MB2. It broached issues of mental health like anxiety and depression, and the struggle of facing the stigma that surrounds mental health, as well as seeking treatment. It certainly was a relatable piece. It reminded us all that it’s okay to not be okay, and that we shouldn’t be afraid to seek help when necessary. We were shown that there is a welcoming support system for anyone going through a mental health issue. It reminded us to stay strong and keep fighting.

On the issue of mental health, there was another piece that introduced PsychWiz, which aims to educate us on mental health and psychiatry, as well as distinguishing fact from fiction. We’re definitely keeping an eye out for more.


The fifth White Coat Ceremony was one of the big events of the semester and took place at the Charles Easmon Building on the 29th of October, 2018. The Provost, the Dean of UGSMD and the Chairman of the Medical and Dental Council were in attendance. The oath of conduct was taken by the 178 students, the faculty members got them into their white coats and they were given a book and pamphlet. Speeches were given and the event drew to a successful close. There was also an after party to continue the celebrations for the beginning of their clinical experience. Congratulations, Class of 2021, and all the best.


The second interview involved Ms. Rose Adjei-Bempah. She spoke about the obstacles she faced on her road to medical school (GEMP). She also discussed balancing her studies with extracurricular activities and projects, and some of the difficulties as well as the merits. She’s a member of SCORA and IFMSA, and has an interest in Public Health. She also happens to be a determined optimist, which is something we can emulate. Her accomplishments and stories on ugmsa.org are worth reading and learning from. She reminded us that there’s more to life than just medical school and we should make time for our other interests, though not at the expense of our studies. She also touched on the fact that failure is nothing to be afraid of, and it’s okay to fail. What matters is that we try hard the next time. She finally spoke about future medical students, saying that they should never choose to do the course because someone told them to, or for the money and prestige. It should be something they want to do.


The EB produced another video that displayed images of several places on Korle Bu campus that we can find food. We all acknowledge how important this is (because who doesn’t love food?), and how enlightening it is to the newbies on campus. The soundtrack also happened to be catchy and upbeat, and we can bet that most of us sang along.


To sum it all up, those were the main publications of the UGMSA Editorial Board this semester. You can find the full articles, interviews and stories on ugmsa.org and the videos can be obtained from any EB member. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You’ll hear from us soon.

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