There comes a time in the life of a medical student where there’s a much anticipated rotation in Psychiatry.

If you’re more imaginative, you’d picture a naive white-coated psychiatry student being chased about by a psychotic patient, wielding heaven knows what. At least some had such wild notions before this rotation began. You can imagine the apprehension!

We’re pleased to inform you that two weeks in, no such incident, not even close, has occurred. A bit anticlimactic huh? On the contrary, these past two weeks have been the most revealing and educative on mental health that we the students have had. (Junior clerkship was equally interesting though!)

Here at PsychWiz, you’re going to become super wise!

In view of this new-found insight and an ever increasing interest in mental health, this blog was born! Students, as well as the general populace, have lots to learn on mental health.

Here at PsychWiz, you’re going to become super wise, or at least way more informed about how to maintain your mental health ( we assume you’re in good mental health… 👀).

We’ve got juicy bits of Psychtrition (psychiatric nutrition – yes, we made that up!) to keep you coming for more! We serve three-course meals complete with appetizing facts and statistics as well as mind blowing deserts!

We’re going to take you on a journey through what can go wrong. We will explore the triggers, stressors, facts, figures and myths behind everyday mental problems. We’ll demystify, enlighten, and hopefully correct your biases about mental health problems.

In no time you’ll attain sage status as you share these nuggets of information with peers and family alike! We’ll explore heartbreak and OCD. We’ll dig deep into bipolar disorder. We’ll tackle depression (which so many people loosely claim to have! Do you though? Or are you just a little blue? Find out soon!) from every angle.

Over time, we’ll explore emotion, mood, anxiety and relaxation techniques. It’s going to be epic! All that power to summon relaxation at your fingertips! Those moments before an interview or that big paper? Complete peace!

We recognize that mental health is a really important, yet poorly understood aspect of our lives, and we are here to bridge the gap! By the hand we shall lead you through the often ostensibly treacherous corridors of mental health, opening your eyes to the links between how what we think and feel affect productivity, relationships with others and their wellbeing.

Stick with us, and like the tides slowly but surely rise, you too will soon become a PsychWiz

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