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!! Massive Boost !!

The Spartans of 2020 have signed a mega deal worth GHS3m. This comes as a massive boost to improve their chances of winning the UGMSA games soccer trophy for a second straight year.

The team of investors included Awuradjoa Bread and Egg, Sharon Spring Rolls, Jummy Books and stationery, SnJ foods and Papa Agbley and Sons electronics.

The main sponsor for the team remains Akok) enterprises, with the CEO and founder Edwin Essel speaking at the presentation said that this was a way of giving back to the very people that have supported their businesses all these years.

The Battle of The Keepers

In developments similar to that happening at the Santiago Bernabeu, Yaw Antobre is faced with the dilemma 🤔 of having two world class goalkeepers on his roster. In a short tournament as this, the question remains whether rotation :arrows_counterclockwise:of spots will affect the goalkeeper position too.
In the meantime though, Babbel has taken his annual trip to Dahomey, Benin and is riding on a spiritual camel :dromedary_camel: as we speak, returning with the calabash that will predict events on Saturday.
Aforve, his competition for starting spot has also taken a trip to his oracle :japanese_ogre:, and done due diligence to ensure that his name is first on Yaw’s mind when submitting the list for Saturday’s first game.
Here in the physical realm however, Babbel continues to do Yaw some basic favors hoping for repayment in kind. He’s been ironing the coach’s lab coat 🧥 polishing his shoes and offering lunch 🥙.
Aforve was also seen today at Deans Guest House placing a special order for the coach’s lunch.
Who will get the nod come Saturday ? Stay tuned for more.

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It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Oya, Join the support train!