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All the work that has been put in, all the goals scored, all the passes made, all the drama, all the action, it all leads here. When it comes to football at Korle Bu, nothing compares to the UGMSA sports weekend soccer competition. Rich in history and drama already, it is time to write yet another epic chapter.

Topping the list is the growing concern that Kobby Quaye, coach of the final year class will sign off having won no major trophy in all his time as coach of the 2019 class. After many promises and assurances that they were favourites to win last year, it was nothing short of a disaster when his team fell to the fellow minnows, the class of 2021, with some of his players still warming up and getting their kits on.

Following in his footsteps is Sammy Tee. He’s becoming a bit of a Klopp, after all the promises of Guardiola. Sammy Tee has managed to lead his team to some finals, playing good football on the way, but coming short in the finals. Now you would think that after all the faith he puts in his players, they would repay him with a trophy. For those who will miss Kobby as coach, don’t worry, Sammy Tee is following in his footsteps.

News reaching us is that the likes of Gucci and ACP from the GEMP class of 2021 will be enlisted… are we to expect a much more formidable 2021 team with these players? We had an incredible outcome from the GEMP class last year, are we in for more surprises this year?

Philip Boahene, the newest coach on the Korle-Bu campus and a member of the GEMP class of 2022 has been reported to be putting his players through some strenuous training drills. Our sources tell us they meet every day at dawn for serious and intensive rondos before dispersing to get ready for class. Could they make history as the first GEMP class to lift the UGMSA cup? Well that looks likely.

Nana Yaw Antobre, is one of the most decorated and renowned coaches on the campus and defending champion with his Spartans, class of 2020. He remains confident of achieving a back-to-back after which the team will move on to legendary status. Let’s see how he can get his team back into shape after concerns of his players fitness were called into question in recent friendly matches.

Frank, and his class of 2022 don’t believe the team is at a level that can see them go all the way this year. After an impressive display at their first tournament that almost saw them go all the way, they are believed to have outdone themselves and whether we can expect greater things from them is uncertain.

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