Student Personality of the Month is here again and for this month we bring you a young man who is doing great things for both man and God. A young man who has taken it upon himself to teach many and is ever ready to help.

Our student personality of the month is Bright Forkuo A.K.A Black Bright.                                  

He was born on the 19th July and is 23 years old. He’s from Kumasi and had his basic education at the Methodist Model school in Kumasi where he was part of the first batch of students and was the first person to get the perfect nine 1s in the district. He continued his education at Achimota School and unknown to many of us he actually chose Presec initially but only changed it to Achimota because his JHS teachers told him “go to a school where you will get classmates when you finish”. What this means I really don’t know but Presec Boys what do you think?


The beginning of a great man 
As a form one boy at Achimota, Bright was always learning because his JHS teachers told him to “come and shine”. At the end of form one he won only one award and this made him very sad because of how hard he worked. Dr Joseph Nyamison was in the same house with him in form one so he monitored how he was studying and tried to emulate him.
Have you wondered how he started teaching? Well, in SHS 2 he was moved to a new house and the new house master asked him to do something for the house in terms of sports but he told him he didn’t have any talent. The house master then asked him to start teaching the people in the house since he wanted all his boys to excel in their academics. This is what birthed the teacher we all know. He realized that the more he taught the better he became. So, he concluded that there was something in teaching. At the end of form 2 he swept 7 awards and decided he was never going to stop teaching. Even in form 3 he was still teaching.

He was also part of the science and math quiz team and represented Achimota SHS in 2014 but was eliminated from the contest at the quarter final stage.
With all this learning one would think he would have been a prep prefect in SHS but he was the Compound and Sanctions Prefect in Achimota SHS and there’s a beautiful story about how this happened. Next time you see him, do well to ask.
He attends Edify Church in Korle Bu but fellowships with the Presbyterian Church when he’s at home.
He is not currently dating and believes that dating must lead to marriage so he is taking his time to make the right decision. He is however watching the girls around him and surely would make a choice sometime soon!

The journey so far
Would you believe it if I told you he didn’t know he would be in medical school? Well, he loved Physics so his mind was more inclined towards engineering but unknown to him his parents had bought forms and applied for medicine for him. He wrote the entrance examination and went for the interview and before he knew it, he was in school. He was indifferent about being in medical school and thought medicine was going to be only about biology which he really didn’t like but when he came here, he realized that being good in physics and chemistry really helps. This is because there’s a lot of application of physics and chemistry in medicine. He decided that since he’s here he will put in his best. “For me once I start something, whether I like it or not I would get it done”, he says.
As many know, Bright does a lot of things aside being a student. He’s a bible teacher. He also teaches at many different places which includes First Royal Institute. He teaches remedial students science and math. He also teaches Medical students as well as nursing students. He is also one of the coordinators for the Achimota Science and math quiz team.
“I also entertain people. Like on the wards, everyone knows that once I’m there, in the heat of the moment I can make everyone laugh including the lecturers. We can’t come and kill ourselves!”. If you ever happen to be bored, tune in to his Whatsapp status for a good fit of laughter.

He also advises people and encourages them. He is a retired striker and coached the clinical years girls football team in the just ended UGMSA games where they were not very fortunate and lost to the basic sciences girls.
Wondering how he is balancing all these with being a student? Well he seems to wonder the same! He calls it a miracle. But aside it being a miracle, he says “one thing that I know is that if you have a lot of responsibilities it will push you to plan. Planning has been one of the greatest things that have actually helped me. When I wake up in the morning, I have a plan of all the things I would do in the day. I write everything on a paper and put it in my pocket. This includes things I have to learn, places I have to visit as well as other things I do. I’m very forgetful so I always write them down and then I add as and when I remember other things I left out”.
He also believes that discipline and diligence is needed to get stuff done no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

One thing he knows is that if someone is praying to God to help them pass the exams, God is only going to send help to them through another person. He says, “I want to be the person that God will use to answer someone’s academic prayers”. He believes that if you avail yourself to be such a person God will give you the grace and strength to be able to do it! Hei, yes you! I hope you’re learning something oo.
He must get inspiration from somewhere right? Of course, he’s inspired by God but he says aside God’s inspiration he draws inspiration from himself! He says he has no one to fall back on if he doesn’t make it and as such, he “must make it”. When he’s tired, he motivates himself to get the work done. They say no man is an island and Bright Forkuo is definitely not one. He has role models and people who encourage him. Dr Albert, Dr Leslie and Dr Dennis Kumi are the names that readily came to mind. He also listens to esteemed men of God on YouTube whose messages are mainly on sacrifice and love. These Men of God include Chuck Missler and Noel Jones. They usually encourage him to keep up with the things he does anytime he feels like giving up.

He’s not very sure about what area he might specialize in but he says it’s definitely not surgery but would most likely be in internal medicine.
When asked where he sees himself in 5 years’ time, he says he would be practicing medicine combined with being a Bible teacher. He is however open for anything that the Lord may ask of him. He also believes he’ll be married with three children.

Final words
“Korle bu is a very nice place. I’ve really enjoyed my stay here. It’s been one of the best things that has happened in my life. It’s amazing I didn’t go to KATH which is closer to my place. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people that have changed my life most especially my relationship with God. I wasn’t a serious Christian in SHS and level 100. I always wanted to learn until Mb2 where they made me a class prayer secretary and I started little by little and God has brought me this far. The last words I’ll say is God bless the UGMSA and all the wonderful people and experiences I’ve had, especially all the roommates I’ve had. They’ve all been blessings. By God’s grace all the roommates I had from level 200 are doing great things in the house of God. Darren Sackey, Amofa, Ferdinand, Okofo and Andy, God richly bless you all. I believe God took me there for a reason and I’ve learnt a lot from all of them. God bless the medical school and all my roommates. And by God’s grace, next year I would leave this place in peace”.

Bright’s favourite  scripture is John 15: 13.
He concludes with this scripture which reads “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”. So, my dear brothers and sisters, let us learn to show such love to our friends and stop professing that we can do it for God!
Thank you.

Interview By:  Elorm Segbedzi-Rich, Class of 2022 and Amidat Emerald Akogun, Class of 2023

Clip art credit: Google