The UGMSA has continued to deliver on its promises to be the mouthpiece of the student body and to bring credible information to students while setting the foundations of a system that will work for students. Information is a key component to the world we live in now and as such must be guarded and entrusted to the right set of hands. Over the last few months, the Editorial Board has been your source of information and provided a platform for conversations to be had and issues addressed. The following people have been working behind the scenes to get the information out there. Do you know any of them?

Joan Asante is a second year medical student at the University of Ghana. She is well-known among her peers as someone that anyone can be friends with. She is an avid reader, and also enjoys writing poetry and prose. She is a journalist for the UGMSA Editorial Board and works primarily on articles for Joan is creative and has an interest in art and craft. She is an activist for human rights, and anyone who knows her knows she is passionate about gender equity and children’s rights. She also considers herself as an environmentalist. She hopes to inspire people with her writing, and change the world in her own little way.

Yvonne Sabeiku is a selfless, open-minded and determined 2nd Year Medical student of the University of Ghana who stops at nothing to achieve the goal set before her. Like the person she has always hoped to be, she puts in her all to achieve her dreams. She is hardworking, morally conscious and respectful to all people. She is able to separate duty from love and acts as things are supposed to be. She is a member of the Editorial board and aims at creating a legacy of her own on the board. Lastly Yvonne believes in working together as a single organism to achieve a common goal because there’s always strength in numbers: Together we stand!

Asante Kwabena Asiedu Nana Agyei is a passion driven, selfless and result-oriented 3rd Year Medical Student of the University of Ghana. He works as a journalist for the Editorial Board and is basically in charge of interviews and coordination of other Ediboard duties at the basic sciences. AKANA, as called by his peers is young man who believes in the possibility of creating a working system that will appeal students and the country at large. He puts in measures to ensure information is shared and students are inspired to give off the best with hopes of a brighter tomorrow. Known by many as a Student Activist and Ubuntu Ambassador, Asante believes in Strength in Unity and Togetherness.

Afia Kwabiaa Baah is a 3rd year student of the University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry who works as a journalist in the editorial board. She is basically in deals with conducting interviews and this has given her the opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with lecturers like Dr Ahenkorah and Dr Yvonne Dei-Adomakoh; moments she describes as exciting. Afia is also a writer for the UGMSA ediboard and sees every article she’s tasked to write as a work of art. Afia is actively involved in student affairs, especially the UGMSA, and is also interested in events’ organization, publicity and media. She believes information is one of the greatest tools for development and hence the right information must be presented, and made available to all. The activities of the UGMSA Ediboard reinforces her belief that power lies in positive information, and hence she being a member of this body gives her much joy.


Raphaela Agyarko is a 3rd year student of the University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry who works as a journalist in the editorial board. She is basically in charge of the post-interview work which includes a lot of typing, editing and making posters. Raphaela is part of the Basic Sciences division of the UGMSA Editorial Board where she has had the opportunity to work on posts featuring Dr. John Ahenkorah and Dr. Yvonne Dei- Adomakoh.
Raphaela is a lover of the arts from literature to visual arts to music to TV shows. She’s happy to be a part of the editorial team where she can activate and harness her creative abilities.

Sam Fordjour
Hi there! The name’s Sam Kwaku E. J. Fordjuor. I’m a part of the UGMSA Editorial Board as a journalist/ unofficial photographer. I’m in the final stretch of 3rd Year in the Medical School. I hope to be bringing you more interesting interviews (with some dazzling pictures) in the future.

Henrietta Ampofo is a fifth year student is the University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry who works on the editorial board. She has contributed ideas and helped to publicize some articles.
She loves to watch medical series, detective movies and anything that would make her laugh out loud.

Francis Henry Eshun
Journalism; if this whole dentist thing didn’t work out, I’d probably be a journalist. You know the cliché of how medical school can be challenging? Of course you do. In my case it has been more challenging because I am a dental student. Normally this would exclude me from a many extra-curricular activities but looking back at the time spent as Editor of the editorial board, I have no regrets.
Writing has always brought me joy and what the editorial board has done is give me a chance to do something I love, surrounded by some of the most creative minds you will meet on campus. We had a shot at breathing new life into the editorial board and by my assessment, we have taken steps in the right direction towards that goal.
I typically encourage people to have fully functional lives in spite of all the constraints this school throws on us. There is so much to do here only if you would look hard enough.
My other interests are sport, music, art and activism for worthy causes. I am probably one of the easiest people to talk to so wherever you see me, engage me. If the first impression doesn’t work for you, engage me again.

Hillary Attah – Sarfo is a 5th year student of the university if Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry. She is the current Deputy Secretary of the UGMSA, and the head of the Editorial Team.
She is in charge of updating the Blog of the UGMSA website with the publications from the EdiBoard. She also personally conducts and organizes student and lecturer interviews for the blog.
” Having a vibrant Editorial Team in the UGMSA has been one of my most profound experiences on assuming the role as the Deputy General Secretary of the UGMSA. It was quite a task, inviting people from all classes, sending messages round, and following up on them, all in the attempt to form a good team, with an even representation from all classes, and with very talented people for the task
I am a strong proponent of the idea that in spite of our education in the medical field, we must also use these same years of training to hone and harness our special talents, those God – given abilities. That the poets, the artists, the designers, the organizers, the public speakers, the entrepreneurs and the leaders among us will all have an avenue to express these abilities.
That is what the Editorial team stands for.
The aim of the UGMSA EdiBoard was to bring the interest of the student to the forefront, through informative, educational and entertaining pieces, as well as motivational articles and interviews. It was a great experience pursuing the goal of creating a closer interaction with lecturers, and fellow students through the Lecturer and student interviews. It was fun posting interesting happenings on campus to break the mundane cycle of ward, study, ward.
The UGMSA EdiBoard this year was poised to help us get a little closer to this goal. It has been a wonderful experience for me, personally: being a part of this very talented team this academic year; with such special people – all so hardworking, and driven individuals.
A special thanks to all of you!

This is an appreciation note dedicated to some hardworking people who contributed immensely to our work.

Maviel Benni
Babbel Djobalar (Mainly posters and videos)
Abena Adarkwah (Mainly articles)

Ella Tuffour(Originator of UGSMD Student of the week plan)

These people also did extensive  publicity for our works, including posting and sharing our articles:

Suzette Otchere
Sharon Ankomah
Ruth Dufie
Patrick Akosa
Ewurama Tawiah
Assad Boakye

We say a special thank you! Our success couldn’t have been possible without you.