Master Nana Kwasi Ampofo Owusu-Mensah currently serves as the President of the University of Ghana Medical Students’ Association (UGMSA). He is a 5th year medical student, and a member of UGMS Class of 2025. He is an ardent public speaker, and a purpose driven leader hoping to make the world a better place one step at a time.

Ever since his admission to Medical School, Nana has been passionate about serving the student body to the best of his ability. While in level 200 and 300, he was the president of the Momic Committee, a committee which helped raise public awareness on Glaucoma, purchased and finally donated a tonometer to the Korlebu Teaching Hospital. In his 4th year, he served as the Deputy General secretary of his beloved UGMSA, with his key achievement being the swift dissemination of information to the various classes, and fostering an all-inclusive UGMSA.

His core mandate, as President, is Service to the People, and it is his vision to lead a student-centered administration. An administration where the concerns of every individual matter, and the average student’s opinion can make a difference. His fellow executive officers, and entire administration are committed into ensuring this vision becomes a reality.

In his free time, Nana enjoys reading books, playing table tennis or Chess with his friends. He dreams of becoming either a Pediatrician or a Public Health Specialist in the future.

Master Nana Kwasi Ampofo Owusu-Mensah

President , UGMSA

Joseph Osei Adu is an exemplary fifth-year medical student, an advocate, and a student activist with a strong commitment to the well-being of his fellow students. He is known for his dedication to servitude and a desire to make a positive impact within his student association before his tenure concludes.


Joseph’s journey in student leadership and service commenced early in his academic career, during his first year. He contributed to his class’ activities by assisting in the organization of a health walk and a class debate. Additionally, he took on the position of Deputy Welfare Head for his class, demonstrating his commitment to the welfare and well-being of his peers.


Not compromising on academics, Master Adu has risen through the ranks to become the Organizing Secretary for the Academic Committee of his class, further demonstrating his dedication to promoting educational excellence.


In his third year, Joseph’s leadership abilities were recognized by the national body of medical students when he was elected as the National Officer for Public Health of FGMSA. In this role, he represented all medical students in Ghana, contributing to raising awareness about critical public health issues. This experience reflects his passion for broader societal well-being and his ability to make a positive impact on a larger scale.


Joseph is deeply aligned with the mission and vision of the students’ association he serves (UGMSA). He aspires to be a strong voice for his colleague students and set high standards during his tenure. His ultimate goal is to create a community where every student can thrive and study with peace of mind.


Looking forward, Joseph dreams of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon, reflecting his commitment to the field of medicine and his desire to make a substantial impact in the medical profession. His dedication to serving others and fostering positive change demonstrates his potential for a successful and impactful career in medicine and beyond.


Joseph Osei Adu draws inspiration from civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., known for his dedication to social justice and equality. Joseph’s sociable nature and love for conversation make him approachable and relatable to his peers. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing football and video games, and he’s a staunch supporter of Manchester United.

Joseph Osei Adu

Vice-President , UGMSA