Every time a dentist is called on to give a health talk, everyone starts thinking about brushing their teeth twice a day and cutting down on sugary foods. Well yes, brush at least twice a day and minimise the sweets but today we talk about something else.
Have you ever looked in a mirror and thought ‘I don’t like my teeth?’
The response your dentist would give would probably sound like “What don’t you like about them?”

Positioning, shade/colour and sometimes number may describe what appears wrong with your teeth. There are specialties in dentistry that can help you feel more comfortable with your smile.




The first and perhaps the popular for most people is orthodontic treatment, which shouldn’t be limited to just braces because they work magic with malpositioned teeth. Would you believe me if I told you a tooth hiding in the maxilla could be pulled down over a period of time😌? Unpleasant gaps between teeth can also be solved by orthodontic means. Even though orthodontic treatment can be expensive, it is really transformative and can solve your ‘I-don’t-like-my-teeth’ situation.

Issues relating to the colour of your teeth could be solved with the simple fact that teeth are not actually supposed to be white. The enamel which is the outer covering of the visible teeth in the mouth is actually different shades, and the enamel which is supposed to be translucent reflects the yellowish dentin that is found beneath it. In some people with genetic conditions like Amelogenesis imperfecta and other forms of enamel hypoplasia, their teeth appear extra white and immediately you see that you realise something is off. Stains also make teeth appear less attractive and that comes down to some drugs during pregnancy (tetracycline), and stains from extrinsic sources like food, tobacco, coffee and tea. Brushing helps in the initial stages but eventually it might not do the work. Bleaching is a viable option, and may improve how your teeth look. Bleaching is best done by a trained dentist who may do scaling and polishing of your teeth, as well as bleaching your teeth where indicated, to give you better smile.

For a more drastic Hollywood type of smile, veneers may be the solution for you. They just transform your smile completely and almost immediately, except that the change may be so drastic anyone who knew about your teeth before may start asking questions.😅


When it comes to missing teeth, prosthesis can be used as replacement. The prosthesis may be removable; such as a denture, or a fixed one, such as a bridge which doesn’t require you removing it every evening. Prosthesis can be made so well that they replace all the functions of the teeth while blending so well that it appears everything is natural.





All these options remain available to anyone who has the primary complaint of ‘I don’t like my teeth’. The good part is that, you don’t even have to go far to get any of these done, as all these treatments are offered here at the UGSMD Dental School clinic.

In the meantime, brush at least twice a day …especially before going to bed, minimise the sugars, and please don’t use your teeth to open bottles. For further questions, contact anyone of us through the EdiBoard.